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Mr Peanut standing in front of the Nutmobile

The Nutty History of the NUTmobile

It may sound nuts, but it only made sense that the official ride of MR. PEANUT® matches his wit and dapper attire.

So, in 1935, the first peanut car was built and used by a PLANTERS® brand salesman. Since then, it has evolved from one peanut car, to a Hot Rod, to a fleet of vehicles. Today, there is one active NUTmobile vehicle on the road, spreading joy and bringing people together to share delicious, craveable PLANTERS® brand nuts.

An illustration of Mr Peanut with his signature


The two 2014 NUTmobile vehicle models are retired as full-time tour vehicles. However, they are repurposed for other uses such as the INN A NUTshell bookable experience in October 2021.



A new NUTmobile is built and the 2011 model retires. The new vehicle has an updated look and feel with large windows to see the sunny blue skies from.

a graphic that says GPS Navigation System


Two new 27-foot long NUTmobile vehicles are built, expanding the fleet to three. In true 21st century style, these two new NUTmobiles feature smart technology, GPS navigational systems and a customized interior.

a graphic that says Harness the Power with a windmill


PLANTERS® brand unveils a new biodiesel NUTmobile. It uses environmentally-conscious materials and harnesses the power of sunlight and wind.

an illustration of two checkered flags crossing each other

Hot Rod

The MR. PEANUT® Hot Rod, a 25-foot-long peanut-shaped vehicle hit the road; PLANTERS® brand is named the official snack food of NASCAR. The NUTmobile propels MR. PEANUT® to more than 35 cities as he promotes PLANTERS® products at parades, festivals, retail outlets and NASCAR events.

an old illustration of Mr Peanut

First Car

The first peanut car is built and used by a PLANTERS® brand salesman.